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12 March 2021
How much does the site cost ?!

This is undoubtedly one of the most frequently asked questions for most contractors.

The answer is simple – good specialists know their worth. And here the question is not about the fact that WE are great, but about the fact that the level of work of students and people “by experience” is significantly different. Therefore, it is more expensive.

Every month, after completing online courses, hundreds of emails, targeting experts, designers, programmers, content makers, etc., break into the market. Do I need to explain that not all of them study hard, have sufficient knowledge and skills? Or that the hand of such people is not full at all?

The process of creating a website is quite multitasking.

Designers, copywriters, SEO specialists, IT specialists, visualizers and many others work on the project, including the project manager who puts everything together. All this in order to make a GOOD FINAL PRODUCT.

A designer is a designer, programmer-programmer, copywriter and SEO-schnick are also different people with different pay levels. And if a universal soldier offers his services to you, then you do not have a question about the level of his professionalism? A talented person is talented in everything – of course, a well-known phrase, but when it comes to money, you should not risk it!

Often, savings at the stage of choosing a contractor translate into even greater labor costs, financial investments and nerves. It is a fact.
Taking a deliberate approach to this question helps you see what you are paying for:

for studying
an experience
rental of premises and electricity

As a result, a good, high-quality product cannot be cheap.

In fact, there is no better example of how to renovate an apartment.

So which crew would you risk hiring?

12 March 2021
Media buyers. Who are these people?

Have you ever wondered who is behind the banner ads on the sites you visit most often?

Or the Super Bowl commercials we’re talking about in the weeks after they air? The answer is media buyers.
First, let’s get acquainted with the media store. Media buying is the process of buying ad space and time on digital and offline platforms such as websites, YouTube, Facebook, and TV.

What tasks do these people face?

• Everything is very simple. Media buyers control the media buying process with the participation of the media planning team. By understanding the marketing goals and preferences of the target audience given by the media planning team, the media buyers actually purchase the ad space.

• Basically, media buyers do the obvious thing: they buy media space. They follow the media, evaluate the performance of certain platforms and media channels, and then make important decisions about where advertising campaigns in the world will actually be launched.

• The media buyer is a key element in ensuring that marketing and advertising campaigns are presented to the right target audience in the most effective place, thereby gaining recognition and new customers for the product or service in question.

• After defining the target audience for specific campaigns, they work with media planners to develop media buying strategies that will achieve the desired coverage.

• Media buyers also need to be smart about money, as they will be entrusted with a budget that needs to be spent wisely. They will attend meetings with their clients, give presentations and inform them of the results of their various campaigns. They have to do it right! In the end, the client will not be too impressed if someone advertises his new expensive car dealership in the newspaper Molody Bukovinets.

Why should you turn to them?

Today, the world is full of advertising, but not all of it is effective. The main problem is tracking results. Having bought a banner near the road, you can never understand how many people it attracted, and whether the investment was relevant.
The choice is yours…

Author: Rybalko Ulyana smm-specialistjj

12 March 2021

SMM is no longer a mysterious way of promoting, but one of the main methods of promoting a business on the Internet. Everyone has social networks, and they know about us no less than we ourselves. This knowledge is used by brands in their advertising campaigns. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and others are platforms where each product will find its buyer if it knows how to search.

SMM – branding a project in social media, increasing its awareness and driving traffic to the site in order to increase sales.


– accurate hit in the target audience of the brand
– feedback from users
– inferior to other promotion methods in cost, but not in efficiency
– easily divide the audience into segments and identify the most solvent and target ones
– we get more awareness through viral marketing
– we advertise natively
– through social networks, businesses will be able to find reliable partners and cooperate on a win-win strategy


– you should not expect a quick result, everything is based on trust in the brand, and this takes time
– advertising on social networks is not suitable for all categories of business
– you always need to be in touch with your audience, answer questions, identify needs, work with objections
– for truly high-quality content that collects large reach, engages the audience and, most importantly, brings sales, it takes a lot of work. You will need to constantly generate content, implement new ideas, keep your finger on the pulse of trends and conduct analytics of results.

Content making

Creating content that resonates with your audience starts with information. Your profile feed should contain the latest news and current industry trends. The best content creators are always aware of what is happening: they understand every meme, be the first to know about hot news feeds and always know how to properly wrap it up in a post. If you create fresh and interesting content that benefits and entertains users, then the loyalty of your subscribers will grow with their number.

Targeted Ads

Quality content is important, but it is equally important who you show it to. Targeted advertising is a method of audience segmentation by analyzing gender, age, income, geo, user interests. Smart marketers don’t scatter their efforts, they aim at the most relevant users and get the most results for less!

Social media boost

We come to social networks for entertainment. Promotions and contests – content that has the highest user engagement rate. Target audience is expanding by itself, as some users bring others with similar interests. And interesting offers can always be used as a lead magnet to get contact details of potential customers.
This method has nothing to do with shadow marketing in SMM. We always play fair and we advise you! Giveways and various cheat services will only help you in creating a collection of bots and non-target users, and nothing more, and this is unlikely to bring sales, but it will most likely kill your brand profile.

Community Management

SMM is good because we can always hear and interact with our audience. The main thing is to do it right. As part of the marketing strategy, we will determine which tone of voice is most suitable for your audience, what interests your subscribers, what questions they want to hear an answer to, and what they are not satisfied with and how to fix it.

Viral Marketing

This is the way to get the largest reach in the shortest possible time. Viral content is spread by the users themselves, which effectively reduces the cost of advertising. Creative, but often scandalous posts provoke discussion on the network. Competent specialists know how to create a significant news feed without damaging the brand’s reputation.

Advertising with influencers

One of the most significant advantages of SMM is collaboration with opinion leaders. Bloggers have the highest audience loyalty. Subscribers perceive the blogger as a friend they can trust. This is where all the possibilities for native advertising are revealed. A direct statement “buy” is not thrown in the face of subscribers, and advertising integration becomes an honest recommendation of the product, which positively affects the credibility of the brand.
We work with bloggers of all sizes and industries. We will be able to select the most relevant audience for your business and bring results that can be measured in sales!

Author: Yurchenko Ekaterina smm-specialist

8 November 2021

Targeted advertising VS blogger advertising: which is more effective?

Smaller brands often face the challenge of deciding how to reach new audiences. When you have a budget for advertising your product, but there is no understanding of which type of advertising will bring the best result.

Using targeted ads on social media is often the first thing that comes to mind, because it’s understandable and inexpensive. However, the opportunity to quickly establish your product and get a large number of loyal audience from a blogger is also very attractive. In this article, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of using these two types of social media advertising.

Features of targeted advertising:

Why is this advertising tool so popular and what are the advantages?
– Customize your ad
When setting up targeted advertising, you can independently determine the purpose of the advertising campaign, budget and create a suitable creative without agreeing on the terms with the manager or the blogger’s team.
– Precise selection of the target audience
Unlike advertising to a heterogeneous audience of bloggers, targeted advertising makes it possible to demonstrate a product to those who are the most target audience of your product / service.
– Constant traffic flow
– Optimization for targeted action
– Ability to test various ad formats
– Retargeting and collection of look-alike audience
– Forecast of results

What are the disadvantages of using targeted ads versus blogger ads?
– There is a ceiling on requests per day
– Cannot use native ads
– Cold audience

Advertising with bloggers:

Of course, a lot depends on the blogger himself, and such advertising has many nuances, but this tool is good in its own way and can bring the best results in promotion. Considering advertising from opinion leaders, the definite advantages will be:
– Attracting a loyal audience
– Ability to use native ad format
One of the main advantages of advertising with bloggers is that, when presented correctly, the ad post does not look like that in the eyes of the audience, and is perceived as a recommendation from a trusted person.
– Sharp and unlimited traffic growth

What difficulties can arise when working with bloggers?

– Selecting a blogger suitable for the topic and analyzing his audience takes a lot of time
– Choosing the right influencers can be difficult, especially for specific niches, you can also face deception (for example: an audience collected by givami, or bots, overstated reach, incorrect audience statistics ..)
– Relatively high cost of advertising
– There is no guarantee of the result
Since the manner of interaction with the audience and the presentation format, as well as the human factor, play an important role, it is rather difficult to predict the result.
– No detailed analytics of results

What’s the bottom line?

Despite the large amount of work, advertising from bloggers can bring impressive results, quickly builds trust in the product and the brand as a whole. Subscribers often make purchases and use the services on the recommendation of those they trust. Target also works well for sales, however, it provides much more opportunities in the selection of the target audience.

There is no universal advertising method – it all depends on the niche and goals of your advertising campaign.
If you cannot decide on the type of digital advertising, then contact us and we will help you in choosing the most effective method of promoting your project!

Author: Yurchenko Ekaterina smm-specialist

12 March 2021
What value do you give to your brand?

In the 21st century, the brand is one of the most important components of the business.
The time has passed for just a site, just a page in social. networks with common photographs and content in general.

A brand is a trademark, trademark of a company and its name.

Key points of the Brand:

Naming – development of the name.
The logo is the visual image of the brand.
Fonts and colors.
Photos, graphics or illustrations.
Slogan is an advertising message that conveys the essence of the company and brand.
Mission and philosophy of the company.

Branding is the creation of a positive image of the company, its distribution and consolidation in the mind of the client.

It is he who subsequently gives impetus to the development of the image and strengthening of long-term relations with the consumer. This is a unique style, it is the value of the product and the credibility of the company.

By the way, did you know that the definition of “branding” comes from the Latin word “brand” – a brand?

The goal of branding is to create a clear, understandable and positive image to increase company awareness and loyalty to it.

Key points of Branding:
Forms a positive image around the company’s products or services
Shows the value of products and highlights competitive advantages
Creates a stable connection between the company and customers
Develops a promotion strategy
Gives the brand personality

In Cloud Soft works with both brand and branding. For more than 10 years, we have been conveying to consumers the main value of your products and everything that needs to be conveyed to the audience of the brand founders.

We know how not only to listen and read briefs, but to hear and understand you.
Our work is focused on results!

26 October 2021

Digital economy and society. Together

Working with DataBase is the glue for the company to bring people together.
With the help of a digitalized database, the audience is segmented by industry, location, sector. This allows you to analyze the finished audience without the use of manual selection. The source data connects the audience and the entrepreneur with new marketing information, and can glue them into a cohesive, strong network. It is then used to promote services and goods.

According to a study by Arthur D. Little (2016), only “20% of companies are just starting to get acquainted with digital”. While their boats are sailing, build your new yacht with a digitized base!

Why is the transition to digital important?
According to Eurostat statistics, the number of computer users has continued to grow since 2003. Yes, the entrepreneur gets more and more new online users, data from which must be processed and stored for future use.
It is important to go digital now so as not to lose any users. In addition, the database for use will not be assembled and segmented manually – all machine processes, as you guessed, will be handled by the machine.

Use the obtained data for:
– legitimate date and statistics based on it;
– creating your own content history;
– help the audience in its interests;

How to carry out digital transformation in 3 stages?
In order for the date to work, you need to complete the entire digital business transition. To do this, follow 3 simple steps.

1. Analyze the company.
Uncover an unexpanded layer of statistics and processes. Set goals to achieve during the digital transformation. Then create a development strategy – the actions you take on the path to achieving goals. Keep in mind: digitalization should not completely change the business. It is better to update paper processes and automate work with clients as we did on the example of Database in the first part of the article.

2. First, choose specialists, then – digital tools for successful work.

Give your assessment of time and test digital solutions. For example, analyze the customer base for your metric. Analyze whether you did it faster than manually; have you achieved higher results of success? In addition, give yourself and your team time to learn new business tools.

3. Analyze the results.
After some time it will be possible to evaluate the effectiveness of the digital instrument and digitalization in general. Conduct a ROAM analysis and involve experts to summarize the results.

Done! Let’s digitalize together!

Author: Alexandra Ivanova SMM specialist

1 November 2021
Energy value of your business

What does a business consist of? Suppose from a quality product, marketing, digitized organizational issues. Definitely. But, above all, business consists of people. Therefore, collecting quality data is a necessity.
In the topic #digitalization we talk about database as an indispensable assistant to the entrepreneur. With its help you collect, process and use data for the following operations with content and advertising.

What is a digitalized data collection system for:

audience segmentation by industry;
location segmentation;
sector segmentation;
About the problems of digitalization

When Elon Musk started his mind-boggling Tesla (and even SpaceX) business, he didn’t expect much results either. But every businessman must believe in his project to flexibly use market updates. Many believe that these updates will bring them billions.

Yes, of course, digitalization significantly transforms the user and business experience, but the transition to digital for its own sake is not the most thoughtful decision. So, only Elon Musk is able to direct digital technology to success, or will you also be able to conquer innovation for the sake of a million-dollar business transformation?

Ask yourself this question the next time customers start leaving you for your transformed competitor.

3 indisputable arguments in the end

Digitization processes occur automatically, so you do not need to spend time on mechanical operations.
Cars will make everything for you according to the set algorithm.
All you have to do is use the power of the energy value of the business in sales to reach the set peaks.


Author: Alexandra Ivanova SMM specialist

12 March 2021
Web-Development - Shop, Business Card, Landing?

Web-Development – Shop, Business Card, Landing?
Where do you want to take your customers? 2020 showed that those whose business is not online have no business. But just having a website is no longer enough. He has to sell, not otherwise!

Our team specializes in creating functional platforms and services that will be convenient for employees and partners, as well as for customers of your company. We do not just create websites, but effective sales tools!
Which will allow you to administer, promote, fill with new products or services with minimal effort and time.

Turnkey site development
Of course, we are not the only ones who can make a website for you. But we can make it sell!
Specialists from the Oops! IT believes that good development work should have a strategy. And here are the steps we follow to create a truly quality product:

Target audience – we help businesses not only to outline the circle of their potential customers, but also to identify the most profitable and targeted of them
Semantic core – we make inquiries on which users will quickly find you on the Internet
Structure – we create a site where customers have no problems finding the right sections, categories or “buy” button
UTP – together with you we determine your obvious advantages among competitors in the market
Content – copywriters will write the text so that there are no problems with SEO promotion
Functionality – we provide a choice from many different blocks to increase the efficiency and convenience of the site
Design – a design agency will make a creative and selling visual
Development – the main stage of realization of the idea of ​​a brand in life, in the form of the code which we will register under your website
Technical support – we are always in touch and ready to make changes to the design / functionality of the site and bring your product to perfection
Bug fixes – unfortunately, it happens. And if it so happened that we made a mistake – rest assured, we are ready to take responsibility and eliminate the problem (more in the contract)

The project is staffed by a team of development specialists, a marketing specialist, an SEO specialist, a copywriter and a personal project manager. From us – qualitatively executed work, from your party the responsible attitude and fast feedback will be required)

Business card site
A business card site is an online version of your company’s advertising booklet. Will tell visitors about business, services, goods, provide contact numbers and addresses. The design of the site reflects the atmosphere of the company and its projects. The site has a simplified management system. Can contain up to 15 pages.
Corporate site
This is a source of information about your company. Classics of the genre for large and medium-sized businesses in choosing a site.
The corporate site contains complete information about the company, there are internal sections with data for employees, terms of transactions for partners. All of the above is accompanied by a bright and colorful range of business products in the form of an electronic catalog.
Online store
Opening and maintaining an online store costs less than opening and maintaining an offline version. Well, if you already have your own offline store, then it’s time to digitize it!
For the online store, the convenience of users is important in the first place. Adaptability to devices, clarity and speed of the site – the main criteria for users. The site contains information about the goods, their photos, price, comparisons of services, etc.
However, a page on the Internet will not surprise anyone and how will your store stand out among millions of others? Your site must be sharpened for sale. Each page of the site should guide the buyer through the sales funnel and direct to the next stage! Our specialists know how to do it for you! Take a look at our portfolio and make sure we know exactly what we are talking about.
Catalog site
A showcase of the company’s products and services. The site has convenient navigation and filtering of goods, acquaints potential customers with products and warms them up, but is not intended for placing orders. Its task is to demonstrate your product to users as much as possible and profitably, to arouse interest and desire to buy!
The site-catalog is suitable for custom production, importers who sell goods through dealer networks. As for the storefront, the visual of the site and its products are the main weapon in this case. Our designers will be able to offer you the most suitable design of the site, so that your customers stay on it longer.
Landing page
Page for fast communication with the client and collection of leads. Suitable for start-ups with a very small range of goods and services. If you want to make the user perform a targeted action, then pay attention to the design of the site, because it is an effective visual will help convert a visitor into an application.
We develop both stand-alone and additional landing pages to drive traffic to your main site.
Completion of sites
If something is wrong with the functionality of the site, the chances of success in sales are reduced to a minimum. In order for the business not to suffer losses, this situation needs to be corrected urgently! Our team specializes in redesign, implementation of custom functionality and installation of scripts.
If the site is no longer profitable, consider upgrading it. We also eliminate errors of various kinds and provide technical support for the site.
Web Development – Creative and pleasant design of the platform will attract and push users to make the necessary decisions, and its functionality will not cause inconvenience in use.

We closely follow the current trends in development to offer our customers the most optimized platform for the implementation of all the company’s ideas!

Author: Yurchenko Ekaterina smm-specialist

12 March 2021
Why pay a designer when there are templates?

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1 November 2021
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