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22 February 2021

Targeted advertising VS blogger advertising: which is more effective?

Smaller brands often face the challenge of deciding how to reach new audiences. When you have a budget for advertising your product, but there is no understanding of which type of advertising will bring the best result.

Using targeted ads on social media is often the first thing that comes to mind, because it’s understandable and inexpensive. However, the opportunity to quickly establish your product and get a large number of loyal audience from a blogger is also very attractive. In this article, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of using these two types of social media advertising.

Features of targeted advertising:

Why is this advertising tool so popular and what are the advantages?
– Customize your ad
When setting up targeted advertising, you can independently determine the purpose of the advertising campaign, budget and create a suitable creative without agreeing on the terms with the manager or the blogger’s team.
– Precise selection of the target audience
Unlike advertising to a heterogeneous audience of bloggers, targeted advertising makes it possible to demonstrate a product to those who are the most target audience of your product / service.
– Constant traffic flow
– Optimization for targeted action
– Ability to test various ad formats
– Retargeting and collection of look-alike audience
– Forecast of results

What are the disadvantages of using targeted ads versus blogger ads?
– There is a ceiling on requests per day
– Cannot use native ads
– Cold audience

Advertising with bloggers:

Of course, a lot depends on the blogger himself, and such advertising has many nuances, but this tool is good in its own way and can bring the best results in promotion. Considering advertising from opinion leaders, the definite advantages will be:
– Attracting a loyal audience
– Ability to use native ad format
One of the main advantages of advertising with bloggers is that, when presented correctly, the ad post does not look like that in the eyes of the audience, and is perceived as a recommendation from a trusted person.
– Sharp and unlimited traffic growth

What difficulties can arise when working with bloggers?

– Selecting a blogger suitable for the topic and analyzing his audience takes a lot of time
– Choosing the right influencers can be difficult, especially for specific niches, you can also face deception (for example: an audience collected by givami, or bots, overstated reach, incorrect audience statistics ..)
– Relatively high cost of advertising
– There is no guarantee of the result
Since the manner of interaction with the audience and the presentation format, as well as the human factor, play an important role, it is rather difficult to predict the result.
– No detailed analytics of results

What’s the bottom line?

Despite the large amount of work, advertising from bloggers can bring impressive results, quickly builds trust in the product and the brand as a whole. Subscribers often make purchases and use the services on the recommendation of those they trust. Target also works well for sales, however, it provides much more opportunities in the selection of the target audience.

There is no universal advertising method – it all depends on the niche and goals of your advertising campaign.
If you cannot decide on the type of digital advertising, then contact us and we will help you in choosing the most effective method of promoting your project!

Author: Yurchenko Ekaterina smm-specialist