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22 February 2021
Web-Development - Shop, Business Card, Landing?

Web-Development – Shop, Business Card, Landing?
Where do you want to take your customers? 2020 showed that those whose business is not online have no business. But just having a website is no longer enough. He has to sell, not otherwise!

Our team specializes in creating functional platforms and services that will be convenient for employees and partners, as well as for customers of your company. We do not just create websites, but effective sales tools!
Which will allow you to administer, promote, fill with new products or services with minimal effort and time.

Turnkey site development
Of course, we are not the only ones who can make a website for you. But we can make it sell!
Specialists from the Oops! IT believes that good development work should have a strategy. And here are the steps we follow to create a truly quality product:

Target audience – we help businesses not only to outline the circle of their potential customers, but also to identify the most profitable and targeted of them
Semantic core – we make inquiries on which users will quickly find you on the Internet
Structure – we create a site where customers have no problems finding the right sections, categories or “buy” button
UTP – together with you we determine your obvious advantages among competitors in the market
Content – copywriters will write the text so that there are no problems with SEO promotion
Functionality – we provide a choice from many different blocks to increase the efficiency and convenience of the site
Design – a design agency will make a creative and selling visual
Development – the main stage of realization of the idea of ​​a brand in life, in the form of the code which we will register under your website
Technical support – we are always in touch and ready to make changes to the design / functionality of the site and bring your product to perfection
Bug fixes – unfortunately, it happens. And if it so happened that we made a mistake – rest assured, we are ready to take responsibility and eliminate the problem (more in the contract)

The project is staffed by a team of development specialists, a marketing specialist, an SEO specialist, a copywriter and a personal project manager. From us – qualitatively executed work, from your party the responsible attitude and fast feedback will be required)

Business card site
A business card site is an online version of your company’s advertising booklet. Will tell visitors about business, services, goods, provide contact numbers and addresses. The design of the site reflects the atmosphere of the company and its projects. The site has a simplified management system. Can contain up to 15 pages.
Corporate site
This is a source of information about your company. Classics of the genre for large and medium-sized businesses in choosing a site.
The corporate site contains complete information about the company, there are internal sections with data for employees, terms of transactions for partners. All of the above is accompanied by a bright and colorful range of business products in the form of an electronic catalog.
Online store
Opening and maintaining an online store costs less than opening and maintaining an offline version. Well, if you already have your own offline store, then it’s time to digitize it!
For the online store, the convenience of users is important in the first place. Adaptability to devices, clarity and speed of the site – the main criteria for users. The site contains information about the goods, their photos, price, comparisons of services, etc.
However, a page on the Internet will not surprise anyone and how will your store stand out among millions of others? Your site must be sharpened for sale. Each page of the site should guide the buyer through the sales funnel and direct to the next stage! Our specialists know how to do it for you! Take a look at our portfolio and make sure we know exactly what we are talking about.
Catalog site
A showcase of the company’s products and services. The site has convenient navigation and filtering of goods, acquaints potential customers with products and warms them up, but is not intended for placing orders. Its task is to demonstrate your product to users as much as possible and profitably, to arouse interest and desire to buy!
The site-catalog is suitable for custom production, importers who sell goods through dealer networks. As for the storefront, the visual of the site and its products are the main weapon in this case. Our designers will be able to offer you the most suitable design of the site, so that your customers stay on it longer.
Landing page
Page for fast communication with the client and collection of leads. Suitable for start-ups with a very small range of goods and services. If you want to make the user perform a targeted action, then pay attention to the design of the site, because it is an effective visual will help convert a visitor into an application.
We develop both stand-alone and additional landing pages to drive traffic to your main site.
Completion of sites
If something is wrong with the functionality of the site, the chances of success in sales are reduced to a minimum. In order for the business not to suffer losses, this situation needs to be corrected urgently! Our team specializes in redesign, implementation of custom functionality and installation of scripts.
If the site is no longer profitable, consider upgrading it. We also eliminate errors of various kinds and provide technical support for the site.
Web Development – Creative and pleasant design of the platform will attract and push users to make the necessary decisions, and its functionality will not cause inconvenience in use.

We closely follow the current trends in development to offer our customers the most optimized platform for the implementation of all the company’s ideas!

Author: Yurchenko Ekaterina smm-specialist