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22 February 2021
What value do you give to your brand?

In the 21st century, the brand is one of the most important components of the business.
The time has passed for just a site, just a page in social. networks with common photographs and content in general.

A brand is a trademark, trademark of a company and its name.

Key points of the Brand:

Naming – development of the name.
The logo is the visual image of the brand.
Fonts and colors.
Photos, graphics or illustrations.
Slogan is an advertising message that conveys the essence of the company and brand.
Mission and philosophy of the company.

Branding is the creation of a positive image of the company, its distribution and consolidation in the mind of the client.

It is he who subsequently gives impetus to the development of the image and strengthening of long-term relations with the consumer. This is a unique style, it is the value of the product and the credibility of the company.

By the way, did you know that the definition of “branding” comes from the Latin word “brand” – a brand?

The goal of branding is to create a clear, understandable and positive image to increase company awareness and loyalty to it.

Key points of Branding:
Forms a positive image around the company’s products or services
Shows the value of products and highlights competitive advantages
Creates a stable connection between the company and customers
Develops a promotion strategy
Gives the brand personality

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