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22 February 2021
Media buyers. Who are these people?

Have you ever wondered who is behind the banner ads on the sites you visit most often?

Or the Super Bowl commercials we’re talking about in the weeks after they air? The answer is media buyers.
First, let’s get acquainted with the media store. Media buying is the process of buying ad space and time on digital and offline platforms such as websites, YouTube, Facebook, and TV.

What tasks do these people face?

• Everything is very simple. Media buyers control the media buying process with the participation of the media planning team. By understanding the marketing goals and preferences of the target audience given by the media planning team, the media buyers actually purchase the ad space.

• Basically, media buyers do the obvious thing: they buy media space. They follow the media, evaluate the performance of certain platforms and media channels, and then make important decisions about where advertising campaigns in the world will actually be launched.

• The media buyer is a key element in ensuring that marketing and advertising campaigns are presented to the right target audience in the most effective place, thereby gaining recognition and new customers for the product or service in question.

• After defining the target audience for specific campaigns, they work with media planners to develop media buying strategies that will achieve the desired coverage.

• Media buyers also need to be smart about money, as they will be entrusted with a budget that needs to be spent wisely. They will attend meetings with their clients, give presentations and inform them of the results of their various campaigns. They have to do it right! In the end, the client will not be too impressed if someone advertises his new expensive car dealership in the newspaper Molody Bukovinets.

Why should you turn to them?

Today, the world is full of advertising, but not all of it is effective. The main problem is tracking results. Having bought a banner near the road, you can never understand how many people it attracted, and whether the investment was relevant.
The choice is yours…

Author: Rybalko Ulyana smm-specialistjj