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22 February 2021

Digital economy and society. Together

Working with DataBase is the glue for the company to bring people together.
With the help of a digitalized database, the audience is segmented by industry, location, sector. This allows you to analyze the finished audience without the use of manual selection. The source data connects the audience and the entrepreneur with new marketing information, and can glue them into a cohesive, strong network. It is then used to promote services and goods.

According to a study by Arthur D. Little (2016), only “20% of companies are just starting to get acquainted with digital”. While their boats are sailing, build your new yacht with a digitized base!

Why is the transition to digital important?
According to Eurostat statistics, the number of computer users has continued to grow since 2003. Yes, the entrepreneur gets more and more new online users, data from which must be processed and stored for future use.
It is important to go digital now so as not to lose any users. In addition, the database for use will not be assembled and segmented manually – all machine processes, as you guessed, will be handled by the machine.

Use the obtained data for:
– legitimate date and statistics based on it;
– creating your own content history;
– help the audience in its interests;

How to carry out digital transformation in 3 stages?
In order for the date to work, you need to complete the entire digital business transition. To do this, follow 3 simple steps.

1. Analyze the company.
Uncover an unexpanded layer of statistics and processes. Set goals to achieve during the digital transformation. Then create a development strategy – the actions you take on the path to achieving goals. Keep in mind: digitalization should not completely change the business. It is better to update paper processes and automate work with clients as we did on the example of Database in the first part of the article.

2. First, choose specialists, then – digital tools for successful work.

Give your assessment of time and test digital solutions. For example, analyze the customer base for your metric. Analyze whether you did it faster than manually; have you achieved higher results of success? In addition, give yourself and your team time to learn new business tools.

3. Analyze the results.
After some time it will be possible to evaluate the effectiveness of the digital instrument and digitalization in general. Conduct a ROAM analysis and involve experts to summarize the results.

Done! Let’s digitalize together!

Author: Alexandra Ivanova SMM specialist