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22 February 2021

SMM is no longer a mysterious way of promoting, but one of the main methods of promoting a business on the Internet. Everyone has social networks, and they know about us no less than we ourselves. This knowledge is used by brands in their advertising campaigns. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and others are platforms where each product will find its buyer if it knows how to search.

SMM – branding a project in social media, increasing its awareness and driving traffic to the site in order to increase sales.


– accurate hit in the target audience of the brand
– feedback from users
– inferior to other promotion methods in cost, but not in efficiency
– easily divide the audience into segments and identify the most solvent and target ones
– we get more awareness through viral marketing
– we advertise natively
– through social networks, businesses will be able to find reliable partners and cooperate on a win-win strategy


– you should not expect a quick result, everything is based on trust in the brand, and this takes time
– advertising on social networks is not suitable for all categories of business
– you always need to be in touch with your audience, answer questions, identify needs, work with objections
– for truly high-quality content that collects large reach, engages the audience and, most importantly, brings sales, it takes a lot of work. You will need to constantly generate content, implement new ideas, keep your finger on the pulse of trends and conduct analytics of results.

Content making

Creating content that resonates with your audience starts with information. Your profile feed should contain the latest news and current industry trends. The best content creators are always aware of what is happening: they understand every meme, be the first to know about hot news feeds and always know how to properly wrap it up in a post. If you create fresh and interesting content that benefits and entertains users, then the loyalty of your subscribers will grow with their number.

Targeted Ads

Quality content is important, but it is equally important who you show it to. Targeted advertising is a method of audience segmentation by analyzing gender, age, income, geo, user interests. Smart marketers don’t scatter their efforts, they aim at the most relevant users and get the most results for less!

Social media boost

We come to social networks for entertainment. Promotions and contests – content that has the highest user engagement rate. Target audience is expanding by itself, as some users bring others with similar interests. And interesting offers can always be used as a lead magnet to get contact details of potential customers.
This method has nothing to do with shadow marketing in SMM. We always play fair and we advise you! Giveways and various cheat services will only help you in creating a collection of bots and non-target users, and nothing more, and this is unlikely to bring sales, but it will most likely kill your brand profile.

Community Management

SMM is good because we can always hear and interact with our audience. The main thing is to do it right. As part of the marketing strategy, we will determine which tone of voice is most suitable for your audience, what interests your subscribers, what questions they want to hear an answer to, and what they are not satisfied with and how to fix it.

Viral Marketing

This is the way to get the largest reach in the shortest possible time. Viral content is spread by the users themselves, which effectively reduces the cost of advertising. Creative, but often scandalous posts provoke discussion on the network. Competent specialists know how to create a significant news feed without damaging the brand’s reputation.

Advertising with influencers

One of the most significant advantages of SMM is collaboration with opinion leaders. Bloggers have the highest audience loyalty. Subscribers perceive the blogger as a friend they can trust. This is where all the possibilities for native advertising are revealed. A direct statement “buy” is not thrown in the face of subscribers, and advertising integration becomes an honest recommendation of the product, which positively affects the credibility of the brand.
We work with bloggers of all sizes and industries. We will be able to select the most relevant audience for your business and bring results that can be measured in sales!

Author: Yurchenko Ekaterina smm-specialist