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Landing page
What is included

Landing page

Is a single page containing concentrated selling information about the advertised product and a feedback form.

Often, a potential buyer gets to the landing page through advertising or SMM posts in social networks. This page is individual – one landing page for each product or service, which allows you to focus on the sale as much as possible. All texts are refined, order or feedback forms are simplified as much as possible, detailed characteristics of the subject of sale are given, a lot of positive reviews.

  • It is difficult to leave such a page without a purchase

    For a successful landing page, it is important to comply with several rules, namely:

    – Captivating design;
    – One page contains comprehensive information for choosing a product and ordering it;
    – The page is designed using the best techniques for converting a visitor into a lead, namely, it creates trust in the seller and the desire to buy goods from him.

  • Such pages have several advantages:

    Download speed;
    Ease of conducting A / B testing;
    Low cost;
    Ease of making changes;
    High conversion;
    Aimed at fast selling.

  • Unfortunately, landing pages have their own opinions and limitations:

    Designed primarily for one service or product (but a service or product can be divided into several options);
    Does not have a primary goal of promoting brand awareness;
    Not suitable for SEO promotion;
    Requires additional funds for an advertising campaign (contextual advertising, social networks)


Additional services:

– Development of an order value calculator
– Development of an embedded application (questionnaire, calendar of events)
– Launch of an advertising campaign