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About client

Orbitreki is an online orbitreki store that operates throughout Ukraine. The most top Orbitracks can be bought here at a very competitive price!
The range of products on the site allows equip a real gym at home, absolutely in no way inferior professional fitness centers!
Orbitreki on-line store does everything to ensure that the sport is not only an integral part of the life of your customers, but also a trade part!

Our solution:
OpenCart platform
  • Development of corporate style and website design
  • Development Calories calculator
  • Modules of discounts and promotions - unlimited, urgent, hidden, categorical
  • Customized SEO-modules
  • Multifunctional e-commerce modules

Professional simulators are not a product for everyone. The audience of buyers is someone who can afford a little more. Such buyers should not be chasing the price; pleasure is more important to them from the purchase, they know how to choose!
This is what we took into account in design, colors and functionality. As alive as possible, Thoughtful before small details design, fresh colors and many small bright details.
Our site stands out and attracts attention