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About the client

The production traditions of the KOKTEBEL brand grow from 1879. THrough that time one year follows another, adding new production recipes to the winemaker’s collection.
Time improves the accumulated experience, embodying it by the hands of craftsmen in the unique products of Koktebel.
These are elegant still wines, elegant sparkling wines, and noble-aged cognacs. Classic recipes are the basis for the production of the Koktebel brand, while the final chord invariably remains the masters’ devotion to the traditions of winemaking.

Our solution:
WordPress platform
  • Development of the corporate style and website design
  • Large amount of animation
  • Translating site content into multiple languages
  • Development of a presenter site with a woo-commerce connection

Potential buyers began to approach alcohol consumption more consciously, from an aesthetic point of view.
That is why, as a basis for the presentation of TM Koktebel products, we took such a trend in gastro-culture as foodpairing, which made it possible for our customers not only to get acquainted with the Company’s products, but also to put together a puzzle with which dish this drink can be combined.


With delicate and contrasting color schemes, we will open a new perspective on the products we have known for a long time.
This will not only enhance the aesthetics and visual appeal of the website, but also positively affect the image, providing the most comfortable user`s experience.