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About client

Fishing Hunt is an online store of fishing tackle and tourist equipment.

It offers a large selection of tackle and the necessary accessories for fishing. Specializes in the delivery and sale of fishing goods from the United States, Japan, Europe, and China.

The catch largely depends on how strong and suitable the fishing tackle will be – fishing rod, reel, fishing line. The defining element of fishing is the type of bait, the selection of which largely depends on what catch you expect. To feel comfortable and not in vain to spend free time, you should take care in advance to purchase the necessary equipment.

Our solution:
OpenCart platform
  • Redesign
  • Development of a large-scale e-commerce project for tens of thousands of products
  • Convenient algorithm for searching and selecting the same type of goods with different characteristics
  • Automatic SEO-modules

Everything in the world of sports is developing very dynamically. And in order to sell products for an active lifestyle, you need to be as dynamic as possible! Catch trends, follow them and quickly rebuild.
And in order to sell well, you need to set trends and promote! This is what we tried to convey in this e-commerce project. The site expresses activity, advancement, and maximum focus on a healthy sports lifestyle!