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DomSporta is a professional web store with sports equipment selling and goods for outdoor activity.
For about 7 years, DomSporta has been growing in the Ukrainian sports market. They have been managed leading position and became one of the largest sport online stores.
DOmSporta completes gyms, fitness clubs, and fan zones of leading IT companies throughout Ukraine.


OpenCart platform
  • Rediseign
  • Huge e-commerce project for the thousand of equipments development
  • Moduls of discounts and promotions: unlimited, urgent, hidden, categorical
  • Automatic SEO-modules

In the world of sports, everything is evolving rapidly, like running track runners at Nike. And for goods to be sold for an active way of life, you need to be the same – dynamic and impetuous. That is, catch trends, stick to them and quickly rebuild.

And for everything to be good, you need to set trends and promote them! That is why we tried to convey this meaning in an e-commerce project. The site speaks about activity, advancement, maximum focus on a healthy lifestyle, and sports lifestyle.