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DomSporta is a professional online store with sport equipment for the active rest. They provide sport goods for the passinate tourists.

They have been riched the leading positions and became the biggest sport online store on the market for 11 years. DomSporta completes training gyms equipment, fitness, clubs, fun zones good and supplies for the big IT companies on the whole Ukrainian territory.

  • Active lifestyle
  • Healthy food
  • Specialists recomandations
  • Dynamics

Everything is reapidly changed on the sport`s world.

And in order to sell products for an active lifestyle, you need to be as dynamic as possible! Catch trends, follow them, and quickly rebuild.
And in order to sell well, you need to set trends and promote! This is what permeates our communication with the audience of social networks. Our daily message expresses activity, progression and maximum focus on a healthy sports lifestyle!

Our main target audience is men and women from the 25 to 45 years old with an income above average, interested in sports, healthy lifestyle and new products. We are actively communicating with them through posts, stories, giveaways and through opinion leaders. Also, our followers have the opportunity to participate in the loyalty program and open a bonus account