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Bioton plast is the leader in the production of polypropylene products in Ukraine!
All products are manufactured according to the highest international quality standards. Plastic containers
are made according to individual projects as much as possible adapted to the needs of the customer.
Along with industrial production, Bioton plast supplies Ukrainians with swimming pools, hot tubs and
everything necessary for life in a country house!

OpenCart platform
  • Design
  • Catalogue development of production with 3D modeling
  • Development of a cost calculator
  • Daily automatic updates of exchange rates

When we started developing this site, there were no analogues in the industry of manufacturers of plastic products.
Most of the products were made to order according to sketches. We have collected all produced, ordered and
products hypothetically possible for manufacturing, created a 3D model, calculated the cost,
and added a lot of options and parameters of goods to the site.

In the design, we tried to take into account the tastes and views of the target audience as much as possible, which buys and orders products from propylene and polypropylene. Taking into account the wishes of the client, we tried to create the lightest possible design so that it echoes the national colors and is associated with water – after all, the bulk of the products are water tanks.