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22 February 2021
How much does the site cost ?!

This is undoubtedly one of the most frequently asked questions for most contractors.

The answer is simple – good specialists know their worth. And here the question is not about the fact that WE are great, but about the fact that the level of work of students and people “by experience” is significantly different. Therefore, it is more expensive.

Every month, after completing online courses, hundreds of emails, targeting experts, designers, programmers, content makers, etc., break into the market. Do I need to explain that not all of them study hard, have sufficient knowledge and skills? Or that the hand of such people is not full at all?

The process of creating a website is quite multitasking.

Designers, copywriters, SEO specialists, IT specialists, visualizers and many others work on the project, including the project manager who puts everything together. All this in order to make a GOOD FINAL PRODUCT.

A designer is a designer, programmer-programmer, copywriter and SEO-schnick are also different people with different pay levels. And if a universal soldier offers his services to you, then you do not have a question about the level of his professionalism? A talented person is talented in everything – of course, a well-known phrase, but when it comes to money, you should not risk it!

Often, savings at the stage of choosing a contractor translate into even greater labor costs, financial investments and nerves. It is a fact.
Taking a deliberate approach to this question helps you see what you are paying for:

for studying
an experience
rental of premises and electricity

As a result, a good, high-quality product cannot be cheap.

In fact, there is no better example of how to renovate an apartment.

So which crew would you risk hiring?